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On this page are links to parent specific websites & videos. Also, S@E medical and permission forms.

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Experiencing God

Sunday School is working through the Experiencing God Bible study book.                                           Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God [Book]
Current Hot Topics for Parents
Teen Depression! It's more prevalent than ever before; however, should youth be universally tested or screened for depression? What does God say about it? Check the link below to see some of what ABC news is saying on the subject.
Teen Depression Link

Teen Sexuality! If you're a parent of a teen and you've waited until now to talk to them about sex, it may be too late; however, you can still make a difference.  Click below to download some eye-opening stats that should motivate you to talk to your teen.
Click here to download stats...
Books for Parents
Below is PDF that will give parents the book resources that they need to deal with the following topics: Understanding your teen and their culture, dealing with teens that are hurting, dealing with prodigals and rebellion, college and other issues, etc.  I hope this helps!
Click here to download Parent Book Resources
Helpful Parenting Links
Focus on the Family Parents Pg.

Click for advice, forums & discussions
Plugged In Reviews

Click for reviews on popular movies, music, TV shows and games
Family Life Better Parenting Pg.

Click for Parenting topics & Teen Issues
Homeword Daily Parent Devotions

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Youth For Parents Broadcasts

Helpful advice in each broadcast!
Funny Parent Videos!
The Mom Song
Tim Hawkins on Parenting
The Things You Don't Say to Your Wife
The Homeschool Family
Bill Cosby Himself
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